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Frequently Asked Questions

We handcraft our jewelry with love. These handcrafted objects of art are respected
and coveted by jewelry fanatics and enthusiasts alike.


How Long Will It Take For My Orders To Be Shipped?

All our items are made to order. (i.e. I will start making your jewelry after the order is placed.)

The current fabrication time is 1-2 weeks. You will receive the shipping notification once the item is shipped.

What Payment Options Do You Accept?

We accept PayPal, with the following payments via PayPal: debit card and credit card (including Visa, American Express, and Master Card).

During checkout with PayPal, simply click on “Don’t have a Paypal account?”, and it will guide you to the “Pay with a debit or credit card.

Your payment process is absolutely secure. All the payment transactions are processed via the Paypal platform. Paypal offers extra layers of security to stores and encrypt all your financial information (like your credit card number) in their servers, so you don’t need to share your financial information with any 3rd party, including LoveGem Studio!

Do You Charge Sales Tax?
The sales tax is applied based on your shipping address.

What Is The Domestic Shipping (within U.S.) Policy?

We offer the following domestic (within U.S.) shipping options:

  • U.S. Standard Shipping: USPS First Class mail with tracking numbers. The delivery time is 3-5 business days. Insurance is NOT included.
  • U.S. Priority Shipping: USPS Priority mail with insurance. The delivery time is 2-3 business days.

What Is The International Shipping Policy?

We offer the following international (outside U.S.) shipping options via U.S. Post Service (USPS) or Fedex:

  • International Standard Shipping: USPS First Class international mail. The delivery time is 5-20 business days. Tracking number is only available for the following countries: Australia, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, Brazil, Israel, Canada, Netherlands, Croatia, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, France, and Switzerland. Tracking number is NOT available for all other countries. Insurance is NOT included.
  • International Registered-Standard Shipping: USPS Registered First Class international mail. The delivery time is 5-20 business days. The package is trackable. Insurance is NOT included.
  • International Express Shipping: USPS/Fedex Express international mail with insurance and signature required for delivery. The delivery time is 3-5 business days.

Please note that duties and custom fees are paid by the buyer

Do You Offer Refunds And Exchanges?

All our rings are made to order per your specified ring size. Sorry that we don’t resell custom-made rings to another customer. All RINGS, CUSTOM-MADE and DISCOUNTED items are final and are NOT refundable.

We guarantee our work. If we have made a mistake in size, finish, color, etc, we are more than happy to fix it for you.

We offer 7-day return or exchange for all other items, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, non-custom-made items and non-discounted items.

For returned items, we will refund your payment minus the original shipping charges and a 5% restocking fee.
For exchanges, you will be charged a 5% restocking fee for your returned items, and pay for shipping charges of your exchanged items.

You will have 14 business days from the time the package is delivered to postmark the package back to us. You must return the item in its original unused condition with the original packaging. The returned items need to be shipped with tracking numbers and insured as we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. We are not responsible for loss or damage of return shipments. If the returned item was damaged, you will be charged for the damage costs. Prior to sending the package back, please contact us for a Return/Exchange Authorization number and return instructions.

Read more details on our Refund and Returns Policy page.

Repairs due to customer wear or damage will be charged based on material and repair-time plus shipping.

I ordered my ring with a wrong size. Can you adjust the ring size for me?
Please make sure to have the correct ring size measurement before your order. However, we totally understand that it’s hard to guess the right size when the ring will be given as a surprise gift. If that happens, we can adjust the ring size at a small fee. The starting cost is $50 per silver ring and $75 per gold ring. Additional cost may include material charge. The item will be re-oxidized if it’s an oxidized ring.

Other Policies

We reserve the right to cancel an order before the shipment and issue you with full refund.


What Gemstones Do You Have?

We handpick our gemstones to ensure their highest quality. Our jewelry is handmade with the following three types of gemstones.

Untreated Natural Gemstones – The natural gemstones are in their original conditions without any treatment. The untreated gemstones may show multiple colors, or different depths of the same color tone, which just tell their one-of-a-kind stories. 

Treated Natural Gemstones – The natural gemstones are treated to enhance the color/clarity and fix any fractures. The two common treatments are heating and infilling. Heating treatment uses heat to achieve the desired alteration of color and clarity. Infilling treatment fills the surface cracks or fractures with materials, such as glass or other hardened substances, to improve the appearance and durability of the gems. 

Lab Created Gemstones – Our lab created gemstones are 99.9% pure and virtually identical to the natural gems in every way, including composition, hardness, optical, physical, and chemical properties. 

Can I Send you My Stones for Custom Order?

Due to liability, we do not fabricate jewelry with stones supplied by customers.

What Is Oxidized Silver? How Is It Make?

Our oxidized silver is made of 925 sterling silver. We use liver-of-sulfur as the oxidized solution. During the oxidization process, silver is oxidized causing a darkening of the jewelry surface. After the process, we neutralize the liver-of-sulfur bath becoming a fertilizer that can boost our plants in the garden.

After the jewelry is oxidized, we apply a layer of micro coating on the jewelry surface for extra protection.

*Note that due to natural wear and fading over time, each piece of oxidized jewelry will develop it’s own unique character and makes it truly one-of-a-kind.

Click here to find out How To Take Care Of Oxidized Silver Jewelry.

How Can I Take Care Of My Jewelry? Any Jewelry Care Tips?

We hope you enjoy your jewelry and please take good care of them by following our recommended jewelry care tips below:

  • Always remove your rings and fine jewelry before using any product that contains bleach.
  • Never use toothpaste or other abrasives to clean metal or stones.
  • Do not wear jewelry during bath, shower or hair washing.
  • Store each piece of jewelry separately to prevent rubbing.
  • Put jewelry on last, after usage of hairsprays, lotions, make-up, etc.
  • Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Do not store jewelry in the bathroom.

Click here for more Jewelry Care Tips.


I Am Looking For Your Discounts, Where Can I Find Them?

You can receive our special offers and discounts through the following:

  • We have an e-mail subscription you can sign up for special offers, and it is located right below on the bottom of our website.

Do You Offer Event Discount/ Wedding Discount?

Yes, we do. We offer discounts of up to 30% for bulk purchase for weddings and other events. Please contact us for details.

Do You Provide Wholesale Discounts?

Yes. Please contact us to request wholesale information.

How Can I Redeem my Gift Certificate or Discount Coupon?

Go to your “Shopping Bag,” and you can enter your gift certificate or discount coupon code on the upper right of the page.