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The Secrect Of Planning and Achieving a Successful Life – Printable Calendar and Planner for 2014

Have you set your goals in the past, but found it difficult to achieve? Here is our printable calendar and planner – The Life Success 2014 Goal Achieving Planner to help plan and achieve your goals!

The materials included in this planner are used internally for our business planning. We would like to share all these with you. We believe a thoughtful plan is not only needed for running a healthy business, but also help keep you on track for a healthy life. Do you want to plan for your diet, travel, family events, learning a new language, etc.? This planner will guide you toward success.

free printable calendar - the life success 2014 goal achieving planner - - eco friendly handmade jewelry

Who is this planner for?

  • People who want to plan for their daily routines
  • People who want to complete certain tasks in their life
  • People who run a business and want to plan ahead of time

What are included in this printable calendar and planner?

This planner is designed to help you identify your goals, break your main goal into smaller goals, set deadlines and keep track of progress.

  • A 44 pages planner with monthly calendar included
  • A 2013 evaluation worksheet that helps determine your goals for this year
  • A worksheet to help filling out your main goal for this year
  • Worksheets to help break your main goal down into quarterly and monthly goals with deadlines
  • A year-end evaluation to help measure your success
  • Plus a lot more: Bucket List template, Checklist Planner template, Birthstone Chart, Inspiration Quotes Collection sheet, Graph for your Dieting, Calories Reference chart, Spending List template, and  Address Book!

Tips: It’s never too late to start planning, so get started now. Use this planner every day and every month to plan and keep track of your progress.

What will you use this planner for? 

Put down your goal below in the comment section. Come back next time to check if you have achived this goal 😉


Wishing you a very successful 2014!

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