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How To Make Green Packaging With Recycled Materials

How to make green packaging with recycled materials

Look around to see what recycled materials you can find. In fact it is really fun to make special green packaging. Plus, they are one-of-a-kind and it’s meaningful to handcraft it yourself. Today I am going to share with you of how to make green packaging using recycled and renewable materials. I hope it will give you inspirations for your green packing design!

{Green Packaging Design – 1}


  • Book pages (I got this old book from my neighbor)
  • Fabric (Small left over pieces from my other projects)
  • Recycled foam and shredded pager
  • Others: our business cards, burlap twine, hole puncher, and a sewing machine


  • Cut fabric and pages into the desired sizes
  • Sew the fabric and book page bags
  • Punch hole on the business card and set the rings on the recycled foam (It comes out to be really cute!)
  • Put the ring into the fabric bag, and then pack with the book page bag –> finish with our business card

how to make green packaging with recycledmaterials


{Green Packaging Design – 2}


  • Renewable and recyclable craft boxes
  • Stickers of your choice
  • Business cards, and burlap twine

Pleas see picture below for the finished packaging.

how to make green packaging with recycledmaterials

how to make green packaging with recycledmaterials


I hope you have fun with this green packing tutorial! Have you made any packing with recycled materials or have any green ideas would like to share? Please leave your comments below or the link to your green post ♥

Yin Yin



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