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Here’s the Love Story:

“I’ve always been passionate about arts and crafts, including beaded jewelry and purses. It wasn’t until after my boyfriend proposed (for my birthday!) that I learned about metalsmithing. We were discussing designs for our wedding bands when he asked if I would be interested in designing them. He said that if the band was something he would wear for the rest of his life, he would like for it to be as special as possible. This meant a lot, considering he is not the kind of person that wears any jewelry, not even a watch! Needless to say, I was thrilled about the his request, yet felt quite intimidated. Without any background in metalsmithing, I soon realized that I was going to need help getting through with this project. My fiancé sponsored me to attend a metalsmithing class, and thus the journey began.

We went through MANY designs and finally settled for one we both agreed on, and we both were delighted by it. This experience showed me how stimulating the journey and discovery process of arriving to the end product could be. With this newly discovered drive, to design meaningful jewelry for others, is how LoveGem Studtio started.

My background is in energy efficiency and conservation, so you can probably imagine that green and sustainable business practices are important to me. We use eco-friendly sustainable materials wherever possible, including recycled metals from reputable U.S. based suppliers and ethically mined Gems and Diamonds.

We design and hand-make each package with recycled/renewable materials. Also, we partner with Trees for the Future to PLANT A TREE for every piece of jewelry you buy.”

Maker - lovegem-studio
Designer & Maker